vrijdag 23 januari 2009

I'm sooorry.

Hi guys,
And again, I haven't posted anything for, I guess, a week? And again, the same old excuse; I've been very busy with school. Next week is also full planned. Can't wait until vacation..

Anyway; I'll post an outfit shot tomorrow. I PROMISE. I'm going to shop and see Yes Man with friends tomorrow, and I've seen an H&M Boyfriend blazer I really want! And I've seen shoes, jeans, shirts. Well, a lot, as usual.

As you've probably seen; I made a new header. I like this one much better than the previous one. I also edited the colours of the blog a bit. Hope you like it. (:
And tonight is Gossip Girl and 90210 night. : D At last. :3 Can't think of a better beginning of the weekend.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Cute blazer!
    X, www.fashion-nerdic.blogspot.com

  2. Haai
    Leuke blog!
    Ik volg je!
    Neem gerust 1x een kijkje op mijn blog als je dat wilt haha...
    Die blazer is by the way trés beau<3

  3. Perfect blazer!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely!