dinsdag 30 december 2008

Too cool for school!

I mean, they seriously are. I love every single garment!


As I said in my previous blog, you can never have enough cardigans. My mom and I went shopping and she bought me this one. ^^ I guess this is one of the warmest ones I've got. I usually buy thin cotton cardi's. This one is much better for winter.


My outfit for today. The blouse is extremely big. I 'borrowed' it from my mum, it's too big for her to I guess.

And YAYY, the H&M catalogue just arrived. I've already seen many nice stuff. Including shoes, dresses, tops and cardigans. Hehe, you can never have enough of those, right?

Evil goats.

Sorry that I didn't post anything yesterday, I couldn't come up with something interesting enough. Here are some photo's I took today.

These two birdies seem to be the only ones who aren't bothered by the cold.

Aren't these little goats just two cutes? No they're NOT. They eat everything they can get, especially the left one. He even eats shoes.
Unscrupulous, merciless. Probably Satan in personification.
No, but he's incredibly annoying sometimes. Well, almost always.
All pictures are taken and © by me.

zondag 28 december 2008

Little lake.

Hi everyone. ^^
Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. Here are some pictures I took today at a small lake nearby my house. We, my little brother and I, wanted to see if it was already frozen. :)

Look at the colors of the grass which changes from green to white. ^^

These ducks were probably very shy, as they flew when I wanted to take a photo of them.

We found this blackberry. ( It's a blackberry I guess, because they grow there a lot, allthough this one wasn't ripe yet. ) Kind off weird to see the last rest of summer being frozen.

kisses. :3

vrijdag 26 december 2008

How to combine this dress?

I boughts this Charlotte Halton dress a little while ago on marktplaats ( dutch sort of Ebay ). It's super cute, but I've no idea what to wear it with, hehe. But maybe one of you got a idea? I was thinking of my black cardi, white thights and my ankle boots.


Easy like a friday morning?

Well, isn't that a nice variation on the song? Sorry for the crappy picture.

By the way, that's the circle scarf I told you about.
I'll post a detail shot soon.
Cardigan and jeans - H&M
Shirt which you can't see - Esprit
Necklace which you can't see either - ?
Scarf - hema
seeyou. ^^

donderdag 25 december 2008

Merry Christmas!


Hope you all have a wonderful time and a even better 2009!

woensdag 24 december 2008


Yesterday, my mom, sister and I went shopping. I bought these shoes for only €4,- at a thrift store.
They look really new and are only a very little bit damaged. They're a bit too big for me, but I don't care. I like them so much !^^

dinsdag 23 december 2008

A lady's behaviour

Hi everyone.
I just found this pictures on flickr.com. It are drawings from a 1940's book on posture and behaviour. I thought I'd just share them with you. ^^
When sitting make sure your feet are beside eachother and not pointing outwards.
Feet, not the eyes should lead you on the stairs.

Unnaceptable behaviour.

Aren't they cute? ^^
I've got all the pictures from http://www.flickr.com/photos/hab3045/.

See you! (:

maandag 22 december 2008

Chanel No5

The Chanel No5 with Nicole Kidman and Rodrigo Santoro advertisment is probably my favourite one ever. I love the Chanel spots anyhow, but this one tells such an story.

And because it's back on tv here, I decided to search for some information about it. Here is the making of and the little ''movie'' itself.

Part one.

Part two.


The three minutes version. Allthough the last minute are just the credits.

See you. ^^

And if someone can tell me how to put youtube clips in a blog, please tell me. ^^

Circle scarf

my mom bought me a fantastic blue circle scarf! I'm so happy rigth now! The scarf is incredibly warm and cozy. I immediately imagined a couple of cute outfits with it. ^^
I think I'm in love with it hihi.
I already wanted to make a very big circle scarf anyway, because the one on american apparal seemed a bit to expensive for me.
I will post some pictures of it tomorrow. ^^
Also, I'm going to shop tomorrow, so I will show my other purchases of today and tomorrow either.

Catch you laterr!

Just an introduction.

Welcome at my blog, which I hope to fill with little and nice things, including beautiful photographs, inspiration, music, and off course my big love fashion. I will also post pictures of stuff I bought, made or have seen.

By the way; I am Miriam. I'm fifteen and dutch. Well, that's all you've got to know I think.

Catch you later. (=