vrijdag 23 januari 2009

I'm sooorry.

Hi guys,
And again, I haven't posted anything for, I guess, a week? And again, the same old excuse; I've been very busy with school. Next week is also full planned. Can't wait until vacation..

Anyway; I'll post an outfit shot tomorrow. I PROMISE. I'm going to shop and see Yes Man with friends tomorrow, and I've seen an H&M Boyfriend blazer I really want! And I've seen shoes, jeans, shirts. Well, a lot, as usual.

As you've probably seen; I made a new header. I like this one much better than the previous one. I also edited the colours of the blog a bit. Hope you like it. (:
And tonight is Gossip Girl and 90210 night. : D At last. :3 Can't think of a better beginning of the weekend.

zaterdag 17 januari 2009

Navy blue and leopard?

Hey everyone!
As I've already told you, I really like this american apparel shirt ( second picture). I decided I liked the navy blue one the most.
So I was wondering if navy blue combines well with a leopard print scarf. I've got two see through leopard scarfs, which I'd like to wear with it. ( One of em, not two at the same time. xd )

What do you guys think?

Please post a reaction. (: I'd really appreciate that.


vrijdag 16 januari 2009

H&M Bags

I really luuuuve these three bags of the H&M Spring collection, especially the last one. ^^

donderdag 15 januari 2009


Well, I found the cardigan which J Humphrey wore in the GG episode 'There might be blood.'
I still love it, but i guess I don't love it enough to pay 400 dollar for it. I don't even have that much money.
http://www.singer22.com/j1180.html is were you can buy it.

Well, until I find 400 dollar in the streets, I'll comfort myself with this American Apparel sweater. Which has got a much more affordable price; only €20,-.

woensdag 14 januari 2009

Pink skies, white lies.

Hello everyone!
I've been terribly busy with school these days. I've had one test today, tomorrow I'll have three (!) and friday one too. And for next week and the week after next week I have many tests planned too, plus lots of homework. But learning isn't the only thing I've done; also bought some nice things, and I finally uploaded the pictures of the dyed cardigan.

By the way; the title is about the upper picture. The skie is pink. (: ( whoaa, you didn't notice already, did you? HAH x3 ) And the 'white lies', because the picture is a little bit photoshopped. But the sky was pink already though. (:

My little sister torn the instructions in pieces, so it was a real puzzle to find out how to dye the cardigan.
O.o It was supposed to become navy blue. Here I dyed it TWICE. It's propably because it's 49% polyster, but still a pity. ): Though I like the grey. I still have to sew the new black buttons on.

A lace headband. Very crappy picture but i't shows the fabric well.

And a forecast jeans jacket for summer. ^^
And now I'm going to watch a brand new episode of WhoWhatWear TV and take a shower.

maandag 12 januari 2009

Taylor Momsens outfit at Gossip Girl

Instead of admiring Leighton Meesters' style, some pictures of an outfit of Taylor Momsen, as Jenny Humphrey in GG.

I loooove the wrapped cardigan because it's got a hood. «3 Also like how it's combined with a scarf and a cap. I think it's very warm and cosy, and if it's not, it's easy to achieve that with a longsleeve shirt underneath it. ^^

I want to make my own version of this outfit ( including the hooded cardi, cap and scarf ofcourse! ), so I'm looking for a nice cardigan.

If someone knows where to buy a cardigan like that, please post it in a comment! : D

Catch you later xoxo. (:

donderdag 8 januari 2009

More Chanel.

Omfg, these are fabulous. I wouldn't spend 50 euro for 5, but they're verrry pretty. They were designed for the 125th anniverary of Coco Chanel.